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This package includes the full 32-hours of additional CA State BSIS Certified Training Courses. These courses are required for all first year security guards after they have completed the initial 8-hours "Powers to Arrest & Weapons of Mass Destruction" course.   The 32 hours can be taken at any time, either before receiving your guard card, or after starting employment. Note that many emplyoers require this training to be done before they let you start working.  Each of the individual courses within this package comes with its own certificate, as required by the CA State BSIS.

This package includes the following 32 hours of BSIS Certfied security guard training courses:

    Mandatory Courses:
  • Communication and its Significance - 4 hrs
  • Public Relations - 4 hrs
  • Observation and Documentation - 4 hrs
  • Liability / Legal Aspects - 4 hrs
    Elective Courses:
  • Officer Safety - 4 hrs
  • Trespass - 4 hrs
  • Evacuation Procedures - 2 hrs
  • Monitoring Crowd Control - 2 hrs
  • Arrests, Search and Seizure - 4 hrs

Note:  The BSIS does not collect these certificates. It is the responsibility of each security guard to print the certificates and give the to their employers.  The employers are required by the BSIS to keep all training certificates for all of their guards on file for all training, except the initial 8-Hour Powers to Arrest and Weapons of Mass Destruction training

 California State Security Guard Training Requirements:

The following is the timeline for first year security guards to complete the 40 hours required first year training as mandated by the state of California Bureau of Security and Investigative Services (BSIS) - See reference on the California State BSIS Website.

Date of Completion Training Hours Required
    Training Required before you can start work    8 Hours
    Training Required within the First 30 Days of work    16 Hours
    Training Required within the First Six Months of work    16 Hours

Our website offers all 40 hours of these courses in an easy to use online format.  Using our website, you'll save time and money by taking the courses from the convenience of your own home, or whereever you can access the internet, with 24x7 access, and at lower prices.